Unearthed: Nexus Prelude 2

We’re back with more black and white Nexus.

Dave’s tale of his past oppression brings us this masterful second panel. We can’t see the light source that’s generating those stark shadows on the wall, but it serves its purpose: somehow this scene is more brutal for it.

Look at the clever use of panels here: somehow it renders this space — which could have easily just been one long panel — as larger than a single panel would have made it.

The final panel here is a fun display of the varied sizes of the exclaimants.

But Mike Baron, the writer, is doing his work too. Nexus is on his way to assassinate Zieffer Mierd, a ruthless dictator of his people. But here Baron shows us a different side of him…

And here, after Mierd’s announcement, the reaction of the crowd, nicely varied and rendered by Rude.

Mierd loves his wife, and she kills herself to wait for him on the other side.

In the end, Nexus cannot bring himself to kill Mierd, but the thug who requested his death takes his shot himself. Rude uses his wide panels nicely here, and again, in the final panel, we see his love of unusual poses.

And Baron doesn’t let the matter rest there. He’s aware of the repercussions of Nexus’s non-action, on both sides.

A brief explanation of Nexus’s dreams. He dreams of mass murderers, and experiences each death personally.

He keeps having these dreams until he kills the person responsible. And in this case, he dreams of his own father.

Steve Rude has a wonderful sense of the drama of a scene. Few artists use silhouettes better than he does.

Baron also writes the most interesting dialogue. Sundra Peale, journalist and love interest, examines Nexus’s feelings about his first assassination, which was of his father. But in the next panel:

Nexus himself is the product of a Communist upbringing, but he’s also a voracious reader of philosophy, so we get some of that here.

Also, Mike Baron is a lover of puns.

TOMORROW! We dive head-first into the COLOR Nexus comics! By Grabthar’s hammer, the SAVINGS!