Wonder Woman

Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, PART 2

Welcome back for more Wonder Woman shenanigans! Now that we’ve established who she is, it’s time for some standard adventures. But first, we finish up on Paradise Island…

Yeah… why the invisible plane again?

This is hardly the worst depiction of non-White people in this comic, as you’ll see in a bit. Of course, we know what the American world view was like in 1942, and “it was a different time” can stretch pretty far, but it’s still shocking sometimes to see it rendered so obviously like this.

Okay, here’s another example. I mean… this artist doesn’t have the most realistic style to begin with but… hooooo.

Well, it’s obviously THIS guy’s fault. Or IS IT? *lightning crashes*

And here, some language straight outta the mists of history… that you can probably still hear today if you look for it.

Yay! Wonder Woman will save the lady trapped beneath the elephant by landing ON the elephant!

For the life of me, I can’t think of anything funny to say about this panel.

“They won’t do that, Wonder Woman. This whole show is for charity to begin with, and –“

“Then y’all can just kiss my star-studded ass. This woman don’t work her wonders for FREE.”

Yup. Checks out.

Oh my god, someone stop her! She’s gone MAD!

Wonder Woman: not too rough with pussy.

Enter… ETTA CANDY! Etta’s the best character ever created. You’ll see.

I’m confused by this guy’s extremely specific accent. He can say ‘nerve’ okay, but not ‘deserve’?

You know what, Etta, a TON of people would pay good money to be behind Diana like this. Shut up and enjoy it.

This is why I love Etta Candy.

Even for this artist’s dodgy art style, this is a bridge too far, surely.

Yup. Just like elephants have always done with their children since time immemorial.

Etta! FOCUS!

Oh, Wonder Woman, no.

“I enjoy watching you sleep, Steve!”

“What’s that, now?”

“I said nothing.”

More Wonder Woman to come next Monday, because Friday will see episode 3 of Marvel Retold! Be there or lose hair! Or something.