Unearthed: Action Comics #1, Part 2

In this further look at the first appearance of Superman, we delve into Clark Kent’s relationship with Lois Lane. Is she always portrayed as a firecracker! Let’s find out… TOGETHER

Okay, so here’s the Daily Planet, the main newspaper of Metropolis (also, what kind of weird name is ‘Metropolis’? Why don’t you guys just go straight to naming yourselves “Big City”?), and this presumed newspaper man is phoned a tip about domestic abuse? Who would call the newspaper about this? And what is this guy telling Clark for? Shouldn’t he be calling the police? Is this Daily Planet policy? Anyway:

This is cool and all, but is it weird that my main comment here is the use of “your” instead of the proper “you’re”? And is it just me or is “Don’t get tough!” a weird thing for this guy to say? Hell, “What d’you want?” is also super weird, considering he’s just been confronted by a strange dude busting into his house wearing a weird outfit.

That first panel’s vaguely ominous. What would you do, Supes? You gonna take out the police, too?

Okay, here we go. Mild-mannered Clark Kent is asking office hottie Lois Lane on a date, and she intimates that she’s giving him a shot after numerous previous denials. Why? What’s her plan here? Why is he suddenly worthy? This is the first time we’re meeting them both. What are we supposed to infer about Lois from this exchange? Has she been through the entire office already? Brrr.

More weirdness. Clark secretly appreciates Lois’s spark, but outwardly tries to prevent her actions. Why? What’s so important about this meek persona that he won’t step in to support her in public? I guess we’re to assume that if he’s shown to be a stand-up guy that his… secret identity as Superman would be found out? That makes no sense. Really don’t get this.

In the panels after this, the bully threatens Clark directly, and Clark declines to engage. Is he scared he’ll accidentally reveal his super strength? Clark, you do know that you can NOT use super strength just because you have it, right? People do it all the time when they play with kids, handle fragile materials, etc. Just… dumb.

And everyone around him heard this. Careless, or thinks he’s above rebuke?

Lois is kidnapped outside with Superman looking on from a nearby rooftop. Was this his plan the entire time? Does Supes have a fetish for beating up weaker people? Did he engineer this to get his rocks off?

There’s every reason to believe that this would have ended with a car crash and four deaths. Superman is being really stupid right here. But wait:

In an earlier panel, someone in the car worries that they’ll kill the guy in the road, but if Supes is able to jump over the car like this, then they didn’t even try to swerve out of the way. Sloppy work!

Here Supes is just kinda shaking out the car. Even though he’s catching Lois, there’s no guarantee she hasn’t already been bruised at the least, or broken something at worst. This is a good guy?

Your aggressive posture says otherwise, dude.

Yeah. Not at all threatening, mate. And check it out: typical gaslighting from the Editor.

I can make a case for Clark being kinda not right in the head. What’s his game here? I don’t get the long game he’s playing. Why pretend to be so wimpy? Does he think Lois likes that kind of guy? Because clearly she doesn’t. I’m just so confused by this weird ruse. But hey, maybe it gets clearer the farther into this issue we go. Let’s hope! Join us next Monday for Part 3 of Action Comics #1!