Heavy Metal

Unearthed: Heavy Metal #3

My apologies for the delay in getting this up; personal issues prevented its timely delivery. Keeping this one short, too, as I’m behind on my own deadline for this week’s Marvel Retold (debuting on Friday!). So! Let’s get to it.

Moebius cover! The things he just casually drops!

You know you’re an Artist when you create a title that others can’t read. The hell IS that? It’s like a tag you’d find on a wall somewhere.

I don’t know this for sure, but my belief is that Druillet just draws this stuff apropos of nothing, then invents a story out of whole cloth to tie it all together.

And you know what? Doesn’t matter, when you get things like this.

Ah, yes, the good stuff. Look at how LURID these colors are!

Hey, does that bat look familiar? Den thinks so. It may be because Corben also did the cover for this album:

Yissss. If you didn’t have this album in the 70s you weren’t really into rock ‘n’ roll.

Ever see Heavy Metal: The Movie? The Den story in that is basically this moment. In the film, you hear “OO-LA-TEC”, so it’s not clear that they’re chanting “Cthulhu” backwards, as it’s clear here. Or “Cthulu”, as they spell it above.

You should be afraid of a man who fights with his penis forward.

Check it out! C’thulhu!

Out of context, this is hilarious. Hell, IN context it’s pretty funny.

And to finish it all off, some lovely Moebius.

Man, what is it about naked dudes being aggro?

Oh no! Birdie dead!

Yay! Birdie alive! All in a day’s work for Vague Mechanic Guy!

And that’s all the Heavy Metal we got… for NOW. Join us here on Wednesday for a new comics title!