Doctor Strange

Unearthed: Strange Tales #111

By the Winds of Watoomb! The Crimson Bands of Cytorrak! The Eye of Agamotto! And other crazy names I was dying to hear in the Doctor Strange movie but the writers chickened out from writing! Strange Tales has returned with more Doctor Strange!

Once again, Doctor Strange is the secondary tale in this issue, with the primary being the dumb ol’ Human Torch. I mean… the ASBESTOS MAN? Is that even a COSTUME? Little-known fact: the Asbestos Man would later die of inhaling carcinogenic asbestos. He was survived by the Asbestos Woman, the Asbestos Kid, and the Asbestos Hamster. Also: asbestos.

Note in this early tale he’s the master of Black Magic. These days, that’s a bad thing. Back in 1963, nobody knew anything. ISN’T IT THRILLING? Also, check out the crazy window treatment behind the yellow scroll caption. That would later be seen in Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum. THAT made it into the movie, but not the Winds of Watoomb? Pfft. Philistines.

That’s a sick fireplace. Just sayin’. Anyway, this is Baron Mordo, Doctor Strange’s so-called arch-enemy. Except he’s kind of an idiot. You’ll see.

Always thought it was weird that Mordo closed one eye like this. Also, what’s up with that hairdo? Can’t magic your way to a Supercuts?

He’s still the Master at this point. He becomes the Ancient One later, and EVEN later gets played by Tilda Swinton. Pretty sure the Master here is meant to be Tibetan. And I think they changed the character out of some weird instinct to not turn a Tibetan man into some kind of stereotype? Really don’t get that. Tilda Swinton’s cool, though.

If he’s “omnipotent” then why should we even read this? He’s got it all in hand.

“We’re both masters of the mystic arts, so let’s settle this like sorcerers… with our FISTS!”

“What is it, Master? Am… am… Amway? Now’s not the TIME, Master!”

Okay, but… he’s in his astral form. The actual amulet is back in… wherever the hell Strange’s physical form is. Does this really hold up?

The Master was poisoned. Shouldn’t Strange be trying to give him spiritual ipecac or something?

Holy… look! He opened his eyes! There’s hope yet!

I always thought this was a cool image.

Hey, speaking of that, couldn’t Mordo just have continued to control the servant and make him STAB the Master instead? This is why Mordo is dumb.

Oooh, some sizzle for the next issue! Also, the Master is king of the mystical arts, but he sure doesn’t understand irony.

Sure! I’ll come along with a guy who calls HIMSELF Strange and walk into mysterious swirling mists! STRANGER DANGER

Join us next Monday for the thrilling third episode of Strange Tales!