Doctor Strange

Unearthed: Strange Tales #114

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Once again, we return to Strange Tales for more Doctor Strange. And once again, the cover depicts not Strange but something even stranger… get it? Buh, I know it’s over your head. That’s okay. No! It’s the stupid Human Torch, who definitely does NOT deserve his own series, fighting… Cap’n ‘Mer’ca? Will we ever get to this actual story? Maybe someday. But for now, we’re all about STRANGE

DUDE Mordo looks incredibly unhinged and weird here. Bravo! He’s actually scary for once! And once again, Stan Lee reveals he doesn’t actually know what ‘omnipotent’ means, because as you’ll see in the actual story, Mordo is very much… non-potent. Is that a word?

Oh, I SAY! Sir Bentley looks like he’s got some kind of Dr. Seuss mustache going on here, doesn’t he? Pip pip, my good sir! Oh, but wait…

It’s not Bentley at all! It’s Baron Mordo, who for some reason felt that he had to actually LOOK like Bentley, even though he was only on the phone! Now THAT’S Method acting!

Looking more like Vincent Price than ever, Doctor Strange proves that he who smelt it most definitely did NOT dealt it. Deal it. Whatever.

Aha! So he IS called the Ancient One after all! Not “The Master”, as you BOTH have been calling him the past couple of issues.

“I’ll use my BRAIN to get me out of this! And my BRAIN says… use the AMULET!”

Random woman: “What is HAPPENING to me? I – I’m hearing a voice… it… it’s singing the theme song to the Jeffersons!”

Doctor Strange: “Damnation, wrong thoughts!”

“The Dodgers/Giants game is about to start! Put $300 on San Francisco! YOUR WILL IS MY WILL!”

“Saved by the power of my own sorcery!”

“Sorry, your SORCERY? I’ll just re-light this candle, then, shall I?”

“Okay, FINE, you MAY have had something to do with it too. Cripes, whose comic IS this, anyway?”

Doctor Strange is the worst one night stand.

When Guy Fieri enters the room.

The hell kind of idiocy is this? Mordo is basically saying “DIBS”. Strange’s expression is the perfect refutation of this idea.

“Projecto-image”? Also, it’s an image yet it has WILL?

Wait wait wait wait wait. Hold the hell UP. The whole time this has just been some kind of magical hologram? Then how was Strange in ANY danger at ALL? And the real Strange was on a flight over and it JUST arrived in time? This… is stupid.

If only they’d had the guts to just have a page of Mordo and Strange staring at each other while the woman tries in vain to get them to respond to her.

MAN. Strange IS cold, isn’t he? “DEAD? Alas, no!” Well there you have it, True Believers! Come back to us on Wednesday for a brand new comic series! What’ll it be? Only the mental image of Doctor Strange knows for sure!