Unearthed: The Eternals #2

Jak Kirby furthers his case that sapient life on Earth was created by space gods, in this second issue. It’s full of nutty Kirby machinery; feast thine eyes!

Now THAT’S a spaceship! Now, as with most things Kirby, it’s difficult to judge the scale of this thing, but as you’ll soon see, it’s carrying beings that are easily a mile tall, so let your tiny neurons feast on THAT.

This Spielberg-esque shot aptly fits the grandeur of the moment. And I’m going to blame the inker for the way Ikaris looks like the MCP of Tron here.

Oh Kro, you knucklehead.

More gorgeous Kirby environment here. Cripes, it would take me a MONTH to render all this.

A little bit of history here: Ikaris is relating the story of ill-fated Lemuria, sister city to Atlantis. Apparently it was a Deviant city. And look at how they treat the arrival of the gods. More awesome Kirby machinery, and a hilarious sound effect to boot.

I just always wonder what kind of brain Kirby had that allowed him to put together shapes in this way. I mean, clearly, this is a bomb. But how many bombs have you seen with a “leg” like this? And yet, it works!

So, for daring to strike at the gods, the Deviants of Lemuria were obliterated from the face of the Earth. Who are these gods, and what do they want?

I swear, I don’t know WHY the Kirby Krackle™ works to indicate energy, but holy crap, does it ever. I mean, nothing looks like that. But it manages to do the job!

There’s just something so damned THICK about Kirby heroes, isn’t there? This guy is just solid granite all the way through.

Crazy technology. Nobody does it like Kirby. He just fuses gizmos with weird designs and somehow comes up with something unique.

Y’all ready for this?

Our first Celestial! Its name is Arishem, which is such a cool name… it’s really Biblical, without tying it down to anything in particular. But WHO IS ARISHEM? What does it want? Why’s it here? All this and more in Monda’s installment of Unearthed! TREMBLE, TRUE BELIEVER!