The Flash

Unearthed: Flash Comics #1, Part Three

The Flash puts the kibosh on the Faultless Four… TERMINALLY.

So, the “Faultless Four” — only three of whom were actually introduced, by the way — attempt a murder that’s foiled by the Flash, and then remain in their secret hideout, that the Flash knows about. Are we SURE they’re scientists?

Yeah! Catch them actually murdering someone! Oh sure, you could prevent that murder with your speed, but hey.

I got nothin’.

This dude’s just firing into a crowded beach. Holy crap. For a superhero comic, that’s a bit full-on, innit?

OK, sure, he’s fast, but here’s the other thing: bullets are small. Even with superspeedy eye movements, there’s no way he can see them all. And is he just letting them fall against his hand without matching their velocity? Good way to maim yourself, Jay!

“He’s gone! Now I can attack Joan!”

Wwwwwhy let them see you, again?

Jay’s kind of a dope, huh?

This guy’s electrified the entire room to kill the Flash? He didn’t even know the Flash EXISTED before today. No, he’s been planning to off his fellow Faultless Four members for a while, I reckon. Wow, he really IS Satan!

Okay, but… you do know you have to GET to your car first, right?

JAY! You’re a SUPERHERO! You can’t just go around threatening dudes with death like this!

Honestly, I’m kind of let down by this denouement. First they play up these four as though they’re geniuses, and now three of them are already dead.

Welp, there goes the last one.

Holy crap, this is… ghoulish.

Joan. It’s NOT a secret. A BUNCH of people have already seen Jay do his superspeed thing. Including that guy you were hanging out with before, remember? Joan? Did you have a stroke? You got the lazy eye thing, huh? Sorry.

And that’s it for the first Flash adventure… but join us on Friday for a look at the rest of Flash Comics!