The Flash

Unearthed: Flash Comics #1, Part Five

Whut in tarnation… this issue is STILL GOING?

This is a weird bit of dialogue. He doesn’t say “I knew this night would come”; he says “I MUST HAVE KNOWN…” What’s that even mean? Is he referring to himself in the third person, as though he’s a different personality?

What instruments? This comic is big on things happening off-panel and just casually being mentioned.

Here’s another weird one: his guy just happens to be the reincarnation of Hath-set, ol’ Hawky’s arc-enemy. Remember? This whole issue makes a big deal of this reincarnation biz, but nothing is really made out of it. You’ll see. OH, YOU’LL ALL SEE

And he knows he’s Hath-set’s reincarnation, too. But of course we don’t get to see how he came to understand this.

Note: the Hawkman helmet we all know and love in the modern era leaves off the lower half of the beak, and now we know why.


Also: pay

Dude, he just got done telling you all about his hawk stuff and it’s taken you this long to realize he’s not Anubis? Who, by the way, has the head of a JACKAL?

Is he saying the stuff in parentheses out loud to himself?

Sorry, this is the worst lightning I’ve ever seen.


Taken out of context, you have to admit that this art looks like someone from grade school did it.

Why is Hawkman cradling him lovingly like this?

So the story is setting up this eternal conflict between Hawkman and Hath-set. But so what? That just means that neither side can win! That’s not fun!

Also, I’m really angry that Hawkman never made the pronouncement: “The sun Hath-set on your evil!”

This is a really weird way to lay out these captions and drawings. But hey, this is a weird story, so I guess it’s okay.

Oh, hey, I guess we’re getting right to it.

Pretty sure any parent would recognize their child, even if their hair had been dyed.

Fun fact: MY birthday is July 7.

“Cei-U! Cei-me! Cei it for always… that’s the way it should be.”

Where’s this all going, huh? I guess you’ll have to come back Friday to find out! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA please come back.