Unearthed: The Demon #1, Part Three

Why is the word “unliving” still in quotes? Do they have to pronounce it a certain way or something? Are they constantly using it ironically?

I just always have to point out Kirby’s amazing environmental work. Look at the angles! The textures! I swoon.

From now on, I’m adopting “AARRRGH!” as my battlecry. I’m not afraid to use it at the post office.

Also note Kirby’s unique design sense. This character is just meant to be masked, to be unknown. But look at the decorative touches on his cowl!

And now, in addition to “unliving”, “pincushioned” is in quotes too, unnecessarily. What gives, Jack?

Why so much emphasis on “turned” here? Is that really so momentous? I should try it. I’ll FORMAT my sentences THUSLY!

Man, I know now just what my foyer has been missing all along.

“… and if you have any, we’d love some SUSHI!”

This is one of the rare instances in which Kirby repeats one of his crazy designs. You can see this sigil is the same from last panel to this one. Trust me, he usually finds a way to avoid redrawing the insanely complex things he invents!

Oh, right. One last thing: in modern stories, Etrigan is a Rhyming Demon, which puts him on the top of Hell’s caste system. I’m not even kidding. But throughout this first issue, you never see him rhyme anything. We’ll revisit this in the future when Alan Moore reintroduces the character in his Saga of the Swamp Thing reboot.

Really? You’re gonna tell THAT face it’s too late?


But oh man, just as we’re getting to the good part, the issue ends! We’ll return to The Demon at some point, but for now, enjoy the lingering sulphurous stench with which he leaves you, and join us on Wednesday for a new title!