The Hulk

Unearthed: The Incredible Hulk, Part Three

Perhaps I’ve been too harsh on these early Hulk stories… but probably not.

The Army has broken into Banner’s house looking for the Hulk. You know, the way we’d be up in arms about these days?

Rick, SERIOUSLY. I know you’re a beatnik or whatever, but IXNAY ON THE ULK-HAY.

Okay, but you’ve SEEN the Hulk, right? Green skin? Talks? What kinds of zoos have YOU been to?

I’m sorry; if you’re trying to drum up some drama in your Hulk comic, don’t put this image in.

Look, Rick, I GET it. You’re hot for the nerdy sciencey type. But don’t forget: he’s also the Hulk. So unless you’re prepared for some SERIOUS rough trade, drop him like he’s hawt, otter boy.

Is that really all it takes? Just practicing something I know nothing about and I’ll just learn it? Dude. I’m gonna study to be a porpoise!

Remember the good old days of “Enter… THE WHATEVER”? Nobody uses this phrasing anymore.

That’s not a bad Khrushchev on the wall there! You don’t see ol’ Kirby doing real people, but hey, he can!

Getting a real Quato/Ghoulies vibe here. Only the most recent references on THIS blog!

Man, word REALLY got out fast! Remember, it’s only been a DAY since this whole thing happened.

Oh… oh man. Oh, Betty. If only you knew what was in store for you.

But let’s leave the drama for now and focus on what matters the most: the ads!

Of course, it won’t be running anymore by that time, but hey…


Man, y’know? This ad’s right. I really should.

*smacks forehead* THAT’S what I’ve been doing wrong!

It’s so pretty! It has epaulets, tassels, and a picture on the back of a lobster astronaut fighting a sandwich, with the legend beneath it “WE SHALL OVERCOME”!

It just wouldn’t be fun if they were ALL the same.

Join us on Friday for the final installment of The Incredible Hulk #1!