Doom Patrol

Unearthed: Doom Patrol: Showcase #94

The Doom Patrol is back from the dead! Kinda.

Showcase was DC’s comic proving ground. They’d throw heroes at it and see which ones stuck. Writer Paul Kupperberg was apparently a big original DP fan, so he wanted to bring it back. But how, when the original heroes sacrificed themselves to protect a harmless fishing village?

Here’s a recap of that fateful day…

And here’s a debilitated Cliff Steele washing up on some beach somewhere, having survived the blast. But who’s that casting an impossible shadow? Well, although we haven’t gotten to them yet, that’s none other than Will Magnus, creator of the Metal Men!

So Will Magnus has given Cliff a new robot body, one with a rather more angry expression. And one that hews a little less closely to a purely human appearance.

Anyway, with nowhere else to go, Cliff goes back to old DP headquarters, expecting to find it empty, only to discover…

… isn’t it supposed to be the “64 MILLION dollars question?”

So the new Doom Patrol is made up of Valentina Vostok, the “Negative Woman”…

… Joshua Clay, or “Tempest”, and Arani, or “Celsius”. And I’ll tell you right now: we’re not going to be spending a ton of time on these characters, even though they last a long, long time in continuity.

And speaking of a long, long time, look! It’s our old pal, General Immortus! What a grumpy old man!

Anyway, we’ve just skipped over a lot of fighting that ends up meaning nothing at all, to get to this moment when Immortus reveals that Mark Twain was a friend of his. Huh?

oh no it’s the end of the Doom Patrol again

But anyway, this episode was just to introduce this new team. Join us next week to meet the NEXT new team! And here’s some bonus content to give you a rough idea of what 1977 DC was up to…

DC calling out these ladies as “fabulous females” should give you a hint at the gender politics going on at that time.

Also, holy cats, there was a WELCOME BACK KOTTER COMIC BOOK.

Thanks, Answer Man! I’ll never ask you anything ever again!

Batman used to… SMILE?