Doom Patrol

Unearthed: Doom Patrol #21

Crawling From the Wreckage Part 3, in which reality takes a holiday.

Enjoy this cover; before too long they’ll stop looking like superhero stories.

Essentially, our reality is being replaced by a fictional one called “Orqwith”. Why is this happening? Because it’s happening.

Jane and Cliff are wandering what used to be Kansas City, stalked by Scissormen. They make their way to the former Doom Patrol headquarters, in hopes of finding a way to escape what’s happening.

They’re set upon a Scissorman while Cliff unwraps a plane. And then it happens:

One of Jane’s personas takes the helm.

Remember: Jane’s mind hosts 64 distinct personas, each with its own power. Not all of them are benign.

It very quickly takes a Scissorman apart, then retreats back into Jane’s psyche, leaving Jane terrified in its aftermath.

This bit’s just kind of a handwave. Apparently Caulder has governmental connections and one of them has given him this “black book”. One of Jane’s personas is deciphering it.

This is more of Morrison’s arcane lore coming to the fore. I suspect that the Doom Patrol was really just an opportunity for him to pass on some of his esoteric knowledge.

Cliff is clearly the Everyman in the Doom Patrol. It’s his job to bring everything back down to earth.

The eerie landscape of Orqwith as it consumes our reality.

Cliff struggles to understand what’s happening. Like so much of what happens in Morrison’s Doom Patrol run, reality is entirely what others make it.

Here, Rebis is tending to a captured Scissorman. It’s never explained how this one was captured, nor how exactly it’s being contained.

Clearly, Niles is experiencing no stress or concern about any of this as he reaches for another bar of chocolate. Morrison’s Niles Caulder is a cold fish and it’s unclear what it is he cares about.

Joshua Clay is also a kind of control, someone relatively “normal” to set in stark relief the madness that surrounds him. His assessment of Cliff is true: Cliff reacts to the insanity with a kind of survivor’s toughness, enduring it as a matter of course.

And then the Scissorman disappears.

Their secret hideout has been discovered at last. But they’re hardly helpless.

Remember, Joshua used to go by the superhero name “Tempest”.

Mere seconds later, however, he’s overwhelmed…

… and has become yet another negative shadow, which Niles seems to find fascinating. No actual emotion from Caulder, just a detached assessment.

An army of Scissormen is marching on their location.

This is a last stand.

And the future of the Doom Patrol is left in doubt.

Please join us on Monday when we wrap this storyline up with Crawling From the Wreckage Part 4!