Swamp Thing

Unearthed: Saga of the Swamp Thing #22

It’s in this issue that Alan Moore’s love of puns really begins to show itself.

We’re not going to get too many more of these Tom Yeates covers, so enjoy them while you can!

Abby and Matt have hit the swamp looking for ‘Alec’. They don’t yet know what we know: that ‘Alec’ doesn’t exist, and in fact has never existed after the explosion.

The image of Swamp Thing’s face full of pooled water is a haunting one.

Abby has caught on quickly. Swampy has stopped pretending to be a person in a monster’s body and just given himself over to being a plant.

In walks Woodrue, who’s apparently been there for a few weeks, studying Swampy. He recaps for the couple, while a couple of cute baby crocs frolic in the foreground.

“Moss-encrusted echo of a man” is a lovely turn of phrase.

Bing bing bing! First pun!

To properly gauge Abby’s horror, imagine if your best friend grew a yam from their body. YES. YOU’RE MAKING THE SAME FACE ABBY IS.

See, Woodrue doesn’t like being a human, not that he really is anymore. It’s this sentiment that drives what he ends up doing. But first, let’s dive into Swampy’s dream state, shall we?

In Swampy’s subconscious, Alan Moore has free reign to make all the puns he wants! There’s the vegetable line again, and Abby says something about her uncle and Matt that will come up later.

And she gets the best exit line.

Bing bing bing! PUN!

And in case you don’t get THIS pun, Alec Holland worked on a ‘bio-restorative formula’.

Yup, nobody home.

The ‘bloodied cotton’ line is my favorite Alan Moore line ever.

So… remember that Matt Cable has somehow picked up weird reality-shaping powers. And he uses them to satisfy his creepy sexual urges.

And of course he’s just making Abby think she’s going crazy.

More dream stuff! The ‘plain Aryan worms’ pun is SO GOOD Y’ALL. Also, planarian worms are the freakiest things in the world. Go look up a video of what happens when you bisect one.

This gorgeous panel stands alone.

Woodrue has hooked himself up to a cutting of Swamp Thing’s body, through which he hopes to travel in the psychoscape he calls “the Green”, attainable only by plants.

Meanwhile, in the dream state, Swamp Thing has run off with what remains of his humanity, in the form of this Yorick-like skull.

And Swampy has finally realized what a burden his humanity has been all along, how useless it’s been to hold on to it.

I try not to do this too much, preferring to let you readers discover the joy of the full pages yourself by purchasing or borrowing the actual books. But holy cats, LOOK at this incredible two-page spread.

Woodrue has become overwhelmed by the vast intelligence of the vegetable overmind, and he’ll never be the same.

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