Unearthed: Sub-Mariner #1

We saw Namor’s adventures in World War II earlier in the Unearthed series, and what a weird intro to this character that was, huh? He more notably appeared in Fantastic Four #4 (appropriately), but let’s have a look at him in his own series, debuting in 1968!

Straight off the bat, this is what John Buscema — and by extension, the “Marvel Way” — is all about. Look at the extremity of this pose! Dude’s alone, talking to himself, standing and gesticulating weirdly for no reason. Mighty Marvel, y’all!

It just gets crazier. No person has ever behaved this way.

There’s something almost Classical in the way Buscema renders his poses. For better or worse, this style is the hallmark of this era of Marvel Comics.

Here’s a quick recap of Namor’s origin. Atlantean woman is captured by humans and ends up staying with them for some reason.

John Buscema drew all his women this way. Reminiscent of Gina Lollobrigida or Raquel Welch.

Here’s a bit of Subby fighting the Nazis.

Then a bit more of his personal history. Throughout, the incredible, epic poses.

So this guy’s name is Destiny, apparently, but comics history has essentially forgotten him. And so will we.

If I’m not mistaken, Namor has actually knocked loose this dude’s upper set of teeth from his SKULL.

I love that they address the proper pronunciation of “Sub-Mariner” here. Of course, we all know it’s “sub-MAA-rih-nur”, but I’m guessing enough people didn’t know that to make them have to call it out.

Lookin’ like Gregory Peck there, don’t’cha think?

Here’s the Human Torch, having just left the Fantastic Four in a huff. He’s on the Bowery looking for a place to live. This is straight out of FF #4.

It should be noted that Buscema drew Subby far more beefy than Kirby did in FF #4.

And here’s where Subby unleashes Giganto on the world. It’s all in the Fantastic Four, so we won’t go too far into it here.

Is that… baleen?

This entire first issue has been one long recap! Subby’s been trapped under tons of ice by Destiny this whole time. But apparently his body heat is incredible!

“Imperius Rex!” is a great catchphrase. It just SOUNDS amazing, dunnit?

Now, having reintroduced y’all to the modern Namor, join me on Wednesday for his first super-team inclusion… The Defenders!