UNEARTHED: God Loves, Man Kills; Part Four

Stryker is psychically torturing Professor Xavier with images of damnation and salvation. The usual. But Xavier’s mind is strong enough to know something’s amiss.

According to the tech (unless it’s actually Stryker himself at the controls, which it may be), they’ve been at it for 15 hours, which is a hell of a long time to go through something like this.

Scott and Ororo are alive and displaying not-believable levels of confusion about what’s going on. Silly Storm, these bigots don’t need a REASON to do what they do! You’d think that had been ingrained into her by now. That’s kind of the entire reason the X-Men exists.

Blah blah blah backstory. The important bit: Stryker’s a piece of crap. Always has been. And of course religion offers him a way to express that. Nothing new here.

But keep in mind that there’s no way his son was a mutant. Or, rather, there’s no way its mutant appearance would have manifested that early. There may have been something else going on, but Stryker assumes it was mutancy.

He not only kills his newborn son because it just LOOKED different, but he kills his WIFE, TOO? Dude’s TRASH.

MAN I hate this guy.

Again, here’s a Chris Claremont dialogue trope: “Which you’ll learn soon enough… to your regret.” Who talks like that? All Claremont supervillains.

Incidentally, Ororo has acute claustrophobia, so being in that helmet is likely giving her fits. And this is probably what’s causing the weather outside to change so abruptly. Does this come into play in the movies? Not at all.

Again, who rigs a trunk with nerve gas? So Illyana’s out cold, and they’re about to deal with Kitty permanently.

And here’s the thing: they put a placard with the word “mutie” on it, presumably as a warning, and then they shoot it all up, rendering it unreadable. Smart stuff.

Here’s another iffy bit of this story.

1) You can tell Anderson worked from a photograph. 2) Who are these guys, the Warriors? 3) Claremont canNOT write street-level dialogue. 4) The use of the word ‘oblige’ here is ridiculous.

Again, it’s a bit off to have this woman say “nice’n’slow”. Doesn’t fit her usual speech pattern.

However, I do like this sequence, visually. Focuses on all the right elements.

Another hilarious Claremont-ism: “An’ we’ll pay her in kind”. NOBODY TALKS LIKE THAT, CHRIS.

Kitty says to herself she basically doesn’t know where she is. Okay.

Also, man, remember payphones?

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the word “damn” with an apostrophe at the end of it. I get it; they’re excising the “ed” part of it. Still weird.

Right before she gets blown up, Kitty basically gives her explicit location to Nightcrawler. Pretty good for someone who said she didn’t know where she was.

We’re getting close to the finish line. Stay with me, y’all!