UNEARTHED: God Loves, Man Kills; Part Five

The girl can phase. Of course she didn’t get blown up. Oh well, let’s continue on anyway.

For an organization who’s supposedly been studying the X-Men, these idiots seem really surprised that they can’t shoot Kitty. I love the plaintive “What’ll we do?” Poor puppy!

This is the worst graffiti I’ve ever seen.

This is almost comical, the way it’s staged. “I’ll protect you!” BAM

Sorry, wasn’t this subway car 1) underground, and 2) already in motion? What the hell’s happening to the other cars behind it? How many innocent lives were lost by Magneto showing off like this?

Only Magneto can really get away with referring to himself in the third person like this. I will say that this is an awesome panel, though. Excellent lighting.

I do appreciate the way Brent Anderson zeroes in on each of the X-Men’s different methods of defanging the Purifiers here.

I’ve mentioned this before: why the hell is everyone in comics super buff? Even throwaway cannon fodder like these Purifiers have godly bodies. It’s kinda stupid.

WAIT, DON’T REMOVE THE okay, well, that guy’s bleeding out.

They screwed up the dialogue balloon tail positioning here. It looks like that Purifier is talking.

Also, what does Nightcrawler think is going to happen if some random dude is just gonna pop into a prison? Cops’re gonna go “Oh, well, he MUST be a criminal, better lock him up without due process!”

Anderson re-uses that panel of Xavier multiple times during this sequence; I’ve just spared you all of having to see it. It doesn’t add anything to the scene, he was just lazy.

Finally, Stryker’s brainwashing goes through and Xavier mind-blasts Scott and Ororo. Also, I just realized: is Anderson using watercolors for this comic?

Later (I skipped a bunch of boring nonsense), Nightcrawler scares a Stryker bigwig. Remember: Nightcrawler’s German. So imagine him saying these things in that accent and it becomes either much scarier or much funnier, depending on your outlook.

“I’ll tag along.” Why? What’s the point of her doing that except to put her in position for the events of the next scene?

Also, I bet both of the flunkies are thinking “Oh, good, THIS’LL be fun. She’s SUPER ENGAGING.”

This always makes me laugh. The blasé expression of the flunky makes his question seem almost mocking.

It’s such a weird scene. The narration makes it seem like we should be rooting for her, but she’s a villain. SHE’S KILLED KIDS.

There was no good reason to break this scene up into two panels like this. Also, it’s hilarious that she thinks the same Claremontian way he makes villains speak.

First, there’s no way they heard what the doctor said to Stryker. Second, there’s also no way Wolverine’s senses can tell him they’re in stasis. What, they breathe differently in stasis? Give off a different scent?


And it wouldn’t be a Claremont story without a hefty bit of expository moralizing.

I dunno… before revisiting this story, I had always held it in the highest regard. But now, I’m seeing so many flaws and noticing the boring pacing and action… I’m eager to be done with this. Please join me for the next installment!