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Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, Part Three

Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, Part Three published on No Comments on Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, Part Three

Ready for more Diana? I can’t help you if you aren’t. It’s not my problem. You were raised poorly.

Steve-O shows just enough self-awareness to know he’s done wrong, but not enough to not have done it.

If you don’t play nicely, sir, no more dark hole for YOU! HURR HURR HURR… sorry, too soon?

So, to recap: Freddy here has made off with Diana’s magic lasso, which compels people to do what the holder wants.

And I’m telling you, this is how fetishes begin… on BOTH sides of the equation.

Normally, Diana LOVES to be arrested. I’m not even kidding. Future episodes will reveal this. Guess you better stick around to see ’em!

Mama shows us all the way! LET’S ALL BECOME INSUBORDINATE!

“Oh, uh… geez, really? We’d do anything for you, WW, but… fidelity? Aw man, do we gotta?”

In my mind, in addition to her expression, she’s doing a DUHHHH voice.

THE RETURN OF ETTA CANDY! Let’s see if you can guess Etta’s main character trait.

Her brother’s name is Mint Candy. Yes.

Diana, displaying the nonchalant “not my problem” that Peter Parker did when he let that gunman go by… and look what happened to him! Diana! You should know better!

Cripes, Moulton, do you not know ANY Black folks?

Oh, Etta, you complete me.

You know, she has a point.

Okay… okay. First, is Mint saying non-beautiful girls are okay to throw down a mine shaft? And second, is Diana jealous?

Putting you down a mine shaft: the ultimate negging technique.

Cripes, Mint, you JUST MET. I know you took a blow to the head, but please! KIDS are reading this! Get her to sign a pre-nup first!

You don’t get too many ‘hussey’s these days.

Hyp — hypnotizes? Why? Is this a canonical superpower of hers?

This being the 1940s, the anti-Japanese sentiment is explicable. But knowing Marston’s kink predilections, is he making this Japanese villain his mouthpiece in a weird way?

That’s a really weird comment, Diana. “Too lazy to jump”? You don’t think they just weren’t agile enough to do it?

And ANOTHER fetish is born.

You’re… going to sneak attack American ships? I don’t think “do a Pearl Harbor” means what you think it means, Diana.

Aphrodite gets her love energy any way she possibly can.

And that’s Wonder Woman #1! Wednesday we’ll be doing something a little different. We genuinely love comics; that’s what this site’s all about! So rather than mockery, we’ll be taking a look at some great comic stuff! Stay tuned!

Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, PART 1

Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, PART 1 published on No Comments on Unearthed: Wonder Woman #1, PART 1

Welcome, True Believers! You’re in for a special treat today! Many of you may know Wonder Woman only as Gal Gadot… others will know both her and Lynda Carter… but it’s safe to say that only a small number of you will have read this issue from 1942, written by William Moulton Marston (in the comic as Charles Moulton) and drawn by Harry Peter, these early adventures are quite unlike anything you might expect. Let’s dive in!

YES those are Nazis, the perfect comic book villains. You can do whatever you want to ’em and nobody cares! But let’s step back in history for a bit, to see how Diana came to be.

Quick note here: putting that panel in the left corner is a bit of a comics storytelling gaffe… at least for American readers, who read from left to right. You’d expect to lead the reader to the right corner instead. Bit’ve a nitpick. On we go!

I love Diana telling a man he wouldn’t understand.

Haha! “Get my goat!” GET IT? Naw, you… you don’t get it. No, it’s over your head. Move on.

Why “Amazons”? Unless we’ve been mispronouncing it this entire time and it’s supposed to be “amaze-ons”.

I’m DYING to say this to someone, complete with double snaps.

Remember: this comic was written BY a man. William Moulton Marston’s story is a fascinating one. Go check out “Professor Marston & The Wonder Women“, now on Amazon!

Hippolyte, no! That’s the oldest trick in the book! One of the interesting things about this is that it’s not an outright rejection of men, which would be a more simplistic rendition.

If you’ve ever wondered why Diana wears those wristbands, here you go. Didn’t know they were meant to represent manacles, did you? Again: go read up on Marston, it’s fascinating stuff!

Who can blame them? I want to escape men too, and I AM one.

Does she have an Etsy page?

You can just see the hard choice coming, can’t you? Also, I never noticed this until just now, but that bush in the background is just a bunch of scribbles!

“Those mysterious things called “men”! Can they really suck as much as Hippolyte keeps saying?”

DIANA IS A STEM GIRL. Also, look at her adorable goggles.

See, Hippolyte is just like any mother, worried about her daughter’s attachment to a man. Also, notice the casual drop here of Diana’s invisible plane. Just… just go with it.

Well there you have it.

The… mental radio? Did Marston invent video conferencing too?

Okay, ESPN, please add this to your regular programming.


A weight off your chest. Oh, VERY good.

“Expect to be wounded!” is my new battle cry.

These days I believe they’ve made Diana actually bulletproof, which isn’t as cool.


This is as good a place as any to end Part One of our look at Wonder Woman #1. Return on Wednesday for Part Two, in which Diana travels to America! EXCELSIOR!