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Comics Breakdown presents: Unearthed: The Avengers #1

Well well well, look who’s come crawlin’ back to ol’ Akela! Nyaha, I knew you couldn’t keep away for long! Anyway, welcome back to Comics Breakdown proper, where we pay tribute to/make fun of the classic comics of yesteryear! Today we’re looking at Avengers #1, which debuted in Sept. 1963.

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Unearthed: The Avengers #2

Welcome once again to Comics Breakdown! We’re continuing the Avengers love with #2, in which we learn that Stan Lee knows how to write dangerous situations but doesn’t know how to actually solve them.

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Unearthed: The Avengers #3

Welcome, True Believers, to a larger-than-usual Comics Breakdown! Today we’re looking at The Avengers, Issue 3, featuring Namor, the Sub-Mariner! Whether or not you know him, having him in the Avengers was a big deal at the time. Dude started life NOT as a Marvel character… but that’s a story for another time. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

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Unearthed: Avengers #4

Oi oi it’s ya boi! GUH I regret that. Anyway, welcome once again to the Stage of History! Today we’re looking at Avengers, Issue 4, in which Namor returns and a major comics figure makes his Avengerial debut!

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Unearthed: Avengers #5

Today we’re havin’ a gander at Avengers #5, and it’s fitting that we’re halting our Avengers run (for now) with this one, as it’s kind of a… well, not ‘bad’ issue, certainly, but even the characters themselves seem to regard it as a bit odd. After today, we’re moving on to a new classic title. I haven’t decided which, yet, but it’ll be great, trust me.

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Unearthed: Sub-Mariner #2

Welcome to a new episode of Comics Breakdown! Today we’re leaving the Avengers behind — not forever, mind you – to focus on a new old comic! Today we’re looking at the Sub-Mariner, published in 1941 in Timely Comics, which would later become Marvel Comics.

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Comics Breakdown presents: MARVEL RETOLD!

They said it couldn’t be done… they said it shouldn’t be done… but I didded it anyway. Welcome to the first episode of Marvel Retold, in which I reboot the Marvel Comics Universe!

At this point I’m not sure how often I’ll put these out. At least once a month, but I’m hoping for every two weeks at least… I’m still learning how to do comics and how to use Clip Studio Paint, so please bear with me.

Off we go!

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