Episodes in order

Unearthed: Heavy Metal #1

Continuing on with our look at comics that we WON’T mock, we come to the infamous French comics collection Metal Hurlant, or as it came to be known in the United States, Heavy Metal!

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Unearthed: Heavy Metal #2

Welcome back to the weird and wonderful Heavy Metal magazine! This second issue continues stories begun in #1, but also gives us rare nuggets of only the finest French science fiction. Let’s dive in.

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Unearthed: Heavy Metal #3

My apologies for the delay in getting this up; personal issues prevented its timely delivery. Keeping this one short, too, as I’m behind on my own deadline for this week’s Marvel Retold (debuting on Friday!). So! Let’s get to it.

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Unearthed: Amazing Fantasy #15: Spider-Man!

Dear friends, we are irreverent here at Comics Breakdown, as I’m sure you’ll have noticed by now. Yet there are certain comics that — even while containing mock-worthy elements — we hold with the proper regard and esteem. Amazing Fantasy #15 is one such issue, because it’s the first appearance of Spider-Man!

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Unearthed: Batman Spring Issue Part 3

Good golly Miss Molly! It’s the final look at the revered Batman Spring Issue! Can you believe it? We’ve come so far, endured so much, and it all comes down to this. *sniffle* I-I’m sorry, I have something in my EYE

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