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Comics Breakdown presents: MARVEL RETOLD!

They said it couldn’t be done… they said it shouldn’t be done… but I didded it anyway. Welcome to the first episode of Marvel Retold, in which I reboot the Marvel Comics Universe!

At this point I’m not sure how often I’ll put these out. At least once a month, but I’m hoping for every two weeks at least… I’m still learning how to do comics and how to use Clip Studio Paint, so please bear with me.

Off we go!

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Marvel Retold #2

Welcome to episode 2 of Marvel Retold, in which Xavier retells to Moira the story of how his mutant mind ability revealed itself…

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Unearthed: The X-Men #1

If you’ve been reading our Marvel Retold series (an if you aren’t, there’s never been a better time!), you know of our love for the X-Men. And while you’ve probably seen an X-movie or two, you might not have read their origin issue… so here it is!

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Unearthed: The X-Men #2

Omigosh, it’s YOU! I’m so sorry the place is a mess; I’m having someone working on the site a bit to make it even better! Watch this space! Until then, let’s glory in the power of X-Men #2, featuring The Vanisher!

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