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Unearthed: Avengers #4

Oi oi it’s ya boi! GUH I regret that. Anyway, welcome once again to the Stage of History! Today we’re looking at Avengers, Issue 4, in which Namor returns and a major comics figure makes his Avengerial debut!

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Unearthed: Avengers #5

Today we’re havin’ a gander at Avengers #5, and it’s fitting that we’re halting our Avengers run (for now) with this one, as it’s kind of a… well, not ‘bad’ issue, certainly, but even the characters themselves seem to regard it as a bit odd. After today, we’re moving on to a new classic title. I haven’t decided which, yet, but it’ll be great, trust me.

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Unearthed: The Incredible Hulk, Part Four

Aw, man, the title of this chapter gives it away! If we already know the Hulk is triumphant, why should we read the rest? Well, geez. *looks at watch* I’m still on the clock. So I guess we’ll just go ahead, then.

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